Deborah Sills

My name is Deborah Sills, and I'm an Assistant Professor in the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department at Bucknell University. My research focuses on sustainable production of biofuels and bioproducts. I use laboratory studies and modeling techniques—such as life cycle assessment—to develop and improve the environmental performance of bioenergy production. In addition, I am interested in developing energy-efficient wastewater treatment processes to be used in developing countries. I work with a great group of undergraduate and Masters students .


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CEEG 340 Introduction to Environmental Engineering

CEEG 442 Sustainability Principles for Engineers

CEEG 443 Sustainable Design of Engineered Technologies

CEEG 445 Environmental Engineering Chemistry–Laboratory Studies

ENGR 222 Fluid Mechanics–Laboratory Studies

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Office: 215 Dana
Phone (570) 577-3367
Mobile (607) 277-5609
Skype: deborahsills