CEEG 340

Introduction to Environmental Engineering

Fall 2017. Bucknell University

Lecture MWF 1000-1052, 166 Breakiron

Labs (Section 60) T 800-952, 364 Breakiron
Labs (Section 61) T 1000-1152, 364 Breakiron
Labs (Section 62) T 1300-1452, 364 Breakiron

Instructor: Deborah Sills, 215 Dana
email: deborah.sills@bucknell.edu

Website: http://deborahsills.com/CEEG340.html

Office Hours: M: 5pm-7pm; T: 2:30pm-4pm; W: 6pm-8pm; Th: 9am-10am
Check my calendar, and if I'm available feel free to stop by.
Alternatively make an appointment via email

Homework Assignments